DIY Lawn Care - Master The Basics


If you have wondered exactly where to start with DIY lawn care, this video/audio training is for you!

I'll take all the fear out of it, teach you everything you need to know, and encourage you to take action to see results within 7 days. When you complete the training, you will be able to:

  • Identify your grass type. If terms like "cool season" and "warm season" are confusing, I'll teach you what you need to know.

  • Learn Your Land. Understanding your lawn size is the key to opening all of the closed doors.

  • What is fertilizer? The numbers, plus, how and why it is used to make your lawn green.

  • Lawn mowing. It's actually half the battle!

  • Lawn watering. It doesn't take as much water as you think it does.

  • How to apply granular fertilizer. Step-by-step guide - without burning the lawn. Including recommended spreader and settings.

  • How to apply weed control. Step-by-step including recommended sprayer.

  • How to apply liquid fertilizer. step-by-step.

  • Basic budgeting. DIY lawn care is actually cheaper than you think! I'll prove it.

  • Much Much More!

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Includes private forum where we answer your questions.


This is the exact same basic training I used to teach my professional lawn techs for years.

I worked for the world's largest lawn spraying company on the Southside of Chicago for 15 years. I'd hire 8-10 new lawn techs every spring. Interestingly enough, those brand new hires had just about the same knowledge you do right now. They were just regular folks like you. 

Maybe they had watched their dad use Scotts products when they were younger; maybe they had mowed lawns as a kid; but not much more. From there, it was my job to provide the training needed in a clear, concise and quick manner. Time is money and in Chicago, when the sun was out, weeds were growing so we had no time to waste!

The thing I as a manager was best at was breaking the training down using simple analogies so that anyone could pick it up fast and be spraying lawns within a week.

Now that exact same training is available to you in an easily digestible format in both video and audio.

The biggest different between them and you though is that it's actually MUCH easier for you!

That's because my pro techs had to treat several lawns every day and very few were alike - but you, the homeowner, only have one lawn to learn and you can literally learn it with just 1 or 2 applications of fertilizer or weed control.

Therefore my job is to give you the training and the confidence to take action! No more fear, you are NOT going to burn your lawn, I promise! In Yard Care Bootcamp, I eliminate all the fear by giving you knowledge and encouragement.

I've been teaching homeowners for more than 10 years online and I have thousands of success stories, some of which are pictured on this page... you, too can have a lawn like these or better!

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Course Breakdown

Cool Season Grasses

So many folks don't even know if they have "cool" or "warm" season grass. We will work on that first and foremost.

Warm Season Grasses

St Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede or Bahia - which do you have? I'll show you an easy way to ID your grass type right up front.

Learn Your Land

If you know the battlefield, you can win the war against weeds and brown grass. This is the key to unlocking all the doors that remain.

Mowing is Half The Battle

How often, how tall, bag/mulch and much more. It's literally the most important lawn task and Ill teach you to enjoy it!

Lawn Watering

You think you need to water a lot - but you don't. You just need a plan and lawn watering will become easy and you'll be successful.

Fertilizer Basics

What is lawn fertilizer? What do those numbers mean and how much do I need? What makes grass green? All answered.

Applying Granular Fertilizer

How to apply granular lawn fertilizer, step-by-step without fear of burning your lawn. I'll show you exactly what to do. No Fear!

Spraying Lawn Weeds

I'll show you the best sprayer to get, and how to use it. If you want a nice lawn, you'll face weeds and now you'll be armed!

Spraying Liquid Fert and Bio-Stimulant

"Blanket" applications are also easy to do with the same sprayer, just using a different tip - I'll show you!

How Much To Apply and Why?

Various products tell you on the label how much you need - we review labels and how to read them throughout the course.

Complete Yearly Lawn Plans

Whether you have warm season or cool season turf we have a full yearly lawn plan for you. Our best selling Lawn Care Nut lawn plan included. Normally $49.99 by itself.

Money Back Guarantee

I've been teaching DIYers about lawn care for over 10 years online and before that for 15 years in the professional industry.

I am 100% confident that you will learn how to properly take care of your lawn by working through this course. I'm so confident that I'll offer you a 100% money back guarantee. Take 48 hours to review the material and if you don't like it or it's not useful to you, then contact my team and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Get Instant Access to Yard Care Bootcamp for Only $49

(Introductory Price, Normally $99)


Who Is The Lawn Care Nut?

I'm Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut online, and I will serve as your training instructor during this course.

I am the original lawn care YouTuber (400,000 subscribers) and have helped thousands of homeowners achieve lawn success and neighborhood domination.

In fact, if you watch many of the other lawn care YouTubers, they are using terminology and strategies I've created.

That makes me happy because not only have I inspired DIYers to have nice lawns, I've inspired some to actually start their own channels and pass on the teaching! Many of them have become my friends and we regularly collaborate in videos and podcasts.

In teaching and inspiring all these lawn care DIYers, I've developed a unique style and delivery and you'll pick that up as you move through the training.

This course is the best piece of content I've ever created, hands down. I hope to see you on the inside!

Note: We have a private forum inside where me and my staff will answer your basic questions throughout.

Larry Hull

Photos speak for themselves! This is what I've been able to accomplish in ONE HALF a growing season following your advice! Before: September 2019. After: July 7, 2020. Renovating an old school cool season lawn in COLD northern Michigan.Thank You! Love your products, videos and podcast.

Justin Knoop

Hey Allyn, I came across your YouTube videos earlier this year. I have a fairly large front yard I wanted to work with that is about 15,000 ft.². I purchased your cool season grass guide and got started this spring. We got a lot of rain here in North Carolina and I ended up with a Fungus. But I followed your guide and was able to treat that pretty quickly followed by a nice dose of fertilizer and just wanted to share the before and after results. The first picture is from earlier this year before I began doing anything to Lawn And the second photo is from just a few days ago. We’ve had a good bit of rain and overcast lately which has definitely helped. These are “as is”pictures without any kind of filter. I am super pleased with the results, they exceeded my expectations. Thanks for all your great lawn care advice in guidance!

Frank Montano

Hi Allyn, Thanks for all the information you provide for all of us DIY’rs, I do appreciate it very much. I have been using the products per your cool season guide. I’ve also been using products from the bio stimulant guide that you provided to the DIY community. I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. I also want to share a before and after pictures for you. Stripes are done with a 4” home built PVC pipe filled with sand capped on both ends. I tow it behind my Cub Cadet riding mower. It will soon be time to Throw er Down! Thanks again my friend!

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The course also comes with my full step-by-step lawn plan in PDF form. That plan is over 100 pages and once you are finished with the Yard Care Boot Camp course, we will email you the PDF free of charge.

There is also a private forum inside this course where me and my staff will answer your basic questions along the way.

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